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Banking and Beyond: The Emergence of Fintech

Few terms have managed to, at the same time, generate so much interest and, paradoxically, sound so impenetrable as fintech, short for “financial technology”. While we all agree that financial services are a central part of our economies, only a few people seem to know exactly how and why that happens or, even more, how finance plays a big role in our daily lives.

Many still associate financial services with banking. Yes, they are intrinsically connected, but banks no longer hold a monopoly on these services. As a matter of fact, with the combination of technologies such as the internet, mobile devices, and blockchain, the startup scene is currently experiencing a boom in fintech applications and projects.

The fintech disruption wave comes in many forms: mobile payment systems, cryptocurrencies, crowdlending, microfinancing, services to unbanked populations… Investment in the industry was reported to have surpassed US$ 31 billion last year, and will only continue to grow.

The Nordics and Baltics are, unsurprisingly, the destinataries of a large portion of the amount invested. The region, known for its innovative strike and openness, is home to the likes of Klarna, iZettle, Coinify, Safello, Prasos, BitFury, CreamFinance and Transferwise. These startups and many others are now leading the way to a more inclusive and transparent industry.

Would you like to see how financial services are being disrupted and the key actors behind it? At Arctic15, the Fintech Track will bring on stage representatives from the banking industry, investors and startups. Among them, Timo Ritakallio (OP), Kirsi Larkiala (Grannenfelt Finance), Nina Rudanko (Fintech Finland), Johannes Asuja (EVLI), Pekka Viilto (Rundit), Jussi Kallasvuo (Evervest) and Martins Sulte (Mintos).

Arctic15 will take place in Helsinki on May 30th and 31st. Come and join us to learn, connect to the relevant people, network and close deals.
Tickets to the event can be bought here.


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