BIBA 2018: Cybersecurity Insurtech Solutions for Insurers

BIBA 2018: Cybersecurity Insurtech Solutions for Insurers

From 16-17 May 2018, Manchester, UK, will become the innovation center of the UK’s insurance sector. It is time for BIBA 2018. Fing is attending and we can’t wait for our cybersecurity Insurtech solutions for individuals and SMEs to be a part of it.

The strap line for BIBA is ‘Innovate, Evolve, Thrive’, and never have three words been more appropriate for the current climate in the Insurance industry.

Insurance is going through a technological regeneration. Insurtech has become a buzzword in recent years, as the big players look for new ways to engage their customers, create more accurate risk measurement tools and provide new, innovative policies.

We spoke with our Head of Business Development, and Insurtech Female Influencer, Patrizia Cozzoli, who is attending BIBA; “I am very excited to be attending BIBA 2018. It really is the heart of the insurance industry in the UK. For Fing’s cybersecurity solutions to be a part of this event is thrilling.”

After insurance heavy-weight, Allianz, recently released a study reporting cybercrime as the second biggest threat to businesses, it’s no wonder Insurers are looking to introduce cybersecurity policies to their existing products. Unfortunately, Insurers they have historically struggled to measure small businesses probability of being attacked and loss of business continuity. It is great to see the industry is turning to modern technology to change this.

Our own network security device, Fingbox, recently raised over $1.7 million on Indiegogo through the support of 20,000 backers, demonstrating further that cybersecurity is at the forefront of many people’s minds.

We are now excited to also announce the launch of Fingbox Business – a user friendly, plug & play solution for SMEs that increases the level of protection of their network and devices.

“We are no longer living in a time in which we can turn a blind eye to cybercrime. Both home and business owners want better visibility and control over their network” says Patrizia. “Through the use of Fing’s cybersecurity insurtech solutions, Insurers can start to provide cyber policies that not only assist in the aftermath of an attack, but also help in the prevention of it. These sorts of policies will create less risk for the customer and the Insurer, creating a happier experience on both sides.”

Are you attending BIBA 2018, or just interested in knowing more about our insurtech cybersecurity solutions? Click here to chat or arrange a meeting with Patrizia and the team.


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