Creating a Bridge Between Fintech and FinServ

Creating a Bridge Between Fintech and FinServ

With this in mind, I recently set out to create examples of utilizing the Qlik platform in the Fintech space. The bottom line is that these applications are not much different from the types of solutions that our Financial Services customers build. Fintech is just another data source for Qlik:

Ripple distributed financial ledger:

Ripple is a Fintech company that provides customers the ability to exchange cross currency payments using their distributed ledger technology. Working with our Qlik partner (Pomerol Partners) we utilized the Restful API’s provided by Ripple to access all 8.7 million payments transacted on the Ripple platform.

Find out more about this technology and see the Qlik demo on a webinar we recently ran with the American Banker:

Lending Club peer-to-peer lending and alternative investing:

Lending Club provides 116 attributes/dimensions on all of their loans originated (back to 2007), in this “Pricing for Risk” solution we analyze everything from pricing across different risk categories to vintage charge-offs and demonstrate Qlik’s ability to make extremely complex analysis available in a way that is easy to understand, governed and accessible to the entire organization:

A version of this application is available in the ‘Qlik Cloud open’ area here:

The “bridge”

A small sample of Fintech, yes, but my point is that these Qlik solutions look and feel very similar to solutions that have been created by our existing customer base of 4,000+ Financial Services firms. That is because the business model itself and the analytics needed to support the business are not necessarily changing!

Whether it is Fintech, Insurtech, Regtech or any other new & exciting technology, there is one certainty…the data from these systems will need to be combined with other information to get a complete picture of the customer relationship, profitability and risk profile of the business. The Qlik platform allows a firm to accelerate this part of the project, in fact, focusing on the business purpose and performance and ultimately creating an analytics bridge between all of the necessary data to make good business decisions.


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