Meet FTW: FinTech Women – FinTex

Meet FTW: FinTech Women – FinTex

Hi there! We are FinTech Women, also known as FTW.  We’re so glad you’re here and are excited to get to know you better.

What is FTW? 

FTW: FinTech Women is an action-oriented network working to inspire, attract and advance women in financial technology. It will create awareness, connections, and opportunities, and amplify the success of women who are making an impact in this area.

FTW: FinTech Women chairs are Colleen Wilson, founder of Collaborate Chicago, Holly Glowaty and Kristen Thiry, co-founders of K+H Connection, and Rachel Feely-Kohl, head of community for FinTEx.

FTW: FinTech Women’s direction will be guided by an Executive Advisory Council made up of a number of women and men with a commitment to supporting women in FinTech. At launch, the Council includes Rumi Morales, a longtime financial technology investor and former Head of CME Ventures; Kristi Ross, Co-CEO and President and tastytrade; Colleen Sullivan, Managing Member at Sullivan Wolf Kailus LLC; and Heather La Freniere, Director of Corporate Finance at Silicon Valley Bank.

FTW: FinTech Women offers both its members and sponsors a strategic approach to programming, all designed to inform, inspire and advocate for gender equality in FinTech. Programming will include blogs, podcasts, roundtables and regular events, all featuring the expertise of women in the Chicagoland FinTech community.

Why are we doing this? 

We’d like to “plus one” the thoughts of one of FTW’s Executive Advisory Council members, Rumi Morales.

“I’m dedicated to fixing structural issues in gender equality, especially within financial services and technology, where the gender gap is profound,” said Rumi Morales, “The issue needs to be brought to the fore in order to continue building and strengthening the Chicago FinTech community. The strategic approach of FTW should create meaningful changes in our ecosystem that can eliminate the underlying need for women’s groups in the first place.”

How can you get involved? 

Stay informed and join the movement- get on the list, nominate other leaders or hit us up via the details below!

FTW: FinTech Women

Click the button above to nominate yourself or a member of the community to the Executive Advisory Council or the Member Advocacy Committee.

Have an additional thought or question?  Hit us up at

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