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Real Estate market’s craving for convenience is a leading cause for the industry’s disruption.

Recent times have borne witness to the introduction of technological solutions that have accelerated the transformation of consumer experience in many major industries. Technological advancements in industries like banking, manufacturing, real estate and e-commerce have streamlined processes, alleviated costs and most importantly – increased user convenience.

In the Canadian fintech world, R2 has been leading the way, building a convenient tool for users to peruse a carefully curated selection of commercial real estate investment opportunities. As an online alternative investments consultant based in downtown Toronto, R2 has been disrupting the industry by providing enhanced diversification options for thousands of investors over the last two years and is counted amongst one of top 10 fintech companies in the Canadian market.

R2’s core focus is not only bringing convenience to investors, but also assisting in reducing risk factors brought to life by ever-changing market conditions – thus resulting in better overall ROI for investors. According to Amar Nijjar, CEO of R2 Investments, “We help get the best solutions in front of our financial institution partners and borrowers, while simultaneously exploring opportunities for partnership, proof of concept engagements, and investment offerings”. Thriving in the current fintech startup universe, R2 is spearheading initiatives to connect investors to well-managed, superbly located and high profile commercial real estate projects and assets. Stay tuned to witness how R2 is moving towards facilitating a more efficient, secure and inclusive environment for Canadian investors.

User experience and quality  initiatives coming from within established financial services incumbents and partners.  Moving forward towards making everything easier and effective for the investors has been driving significant change across financial services in facilitating a more efficient, secure and inclusive environment by lowering all the costs associated with these services and thereby lowering the barriers for a number of individuals to engage them as well as allow new models for data to evaluated in spheres such as credit scoring.

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